Transformation Journey

Resources serving as a GPS for the journey with Jesus by Pastor Nate Gustafson

"Transformation Journey" Introduction

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The "Transformation Journey" is how we view life with God; a journey filled with intimacy and adventure. Picture a road trip that begins with the heartland of America headed towards the majestic Rocky Mountains. We want to see hearts and lives far from God find the life and love of Jesus. That is the ultimate destination of the journey.

Our journey begins with the heart.

When we pay attention to our heart and our longing for the majestic peaks of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region, we quickly realize we need a Guide for the journey. It's too overwhelming to get there on our own and every time we try to navigate the journey on our own we get lost and filled with frustration, anger and despair.

The Guide reaches into our heart and provides fuel for the journey, hope to keep going and a Compass for direction. Our Guide becomes our traveling companion, roadside mechanic, navigator and mentor. As we trust our Guide with our heart and surrender our life's journey to our Guide, we begin to experience deep transformation. Life transformation is the second part of the journey.

Looking into the horizon, Longs Peak, Pikes Peak and Mount Evans appear closer than ever before. The journey still has its fair share of troubles along the way with flat tires, detours and failure, but the difference is the Guide has transformed us to handle these trials with patience and peace.

Along the journey, the Guide has brought us closer together with others on the same journey and given us a burden to help others reach the peaks we are traveling towards. Some are helped with an extra jacket we brought with us, while others are encouraged to trust the Guide because of our personal experience with this Guide.

The trip goes by so fast with all the laughter, music, story telling, jokes and loving companionship that the final destination sneaks up on you. Suddenly, our journey brings us to to the snow capped peaks of the Rockies and we can see just how far we've come on our journey.

We are literally new people from the inside out with a heart that fully trusts in the Guide and experiences new-found intimacy and adventure through this special relationship. Our relationships, personal habits and outlook on life has transformed from focusing on gaining more money and building an image to focusing on service and sacrifice.

Once we begin to see things from 14,000 feet and experience the amazing inner and outer transformation, the last stage of the journey naturally begins to take shape.

Changing our world by a movement of multiplication that reaches hearts far from God and seeing lives transformed becomes our life mission so that our world will change. We now see the impact of this Transformation Journey and surrendering our heart to our Guide, Jesus.

The journey does not stop once we reach the top of a 14'er. Passion continues to burn inside of us and unleashes a focus on joining a movement of multiplying individuals, families and communities for the Transformation Journey.

That is our mission at New Beginnings. We long to see hearts far from God find the life and love of Jesus. Our daily mission is to reach hearts, transform lives and change our world with the love of Jesus. Change begins in the heart and expands beyond the borders of our city.

Wherever you find yourself on this journey, whether it's trying to find the peaks on your own or if you feel you've stalled out and haven't reached a peak experience with Jesus, you are not alone. We want to be your traveling companions and see Jesus reach your heart, transform your life so we can change our world starting in Englewood, Littleton and beyond.

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